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Midjourney Syntax Explained

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AIGenerative AIPrompt

Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide

The prompt is a textual description used to guide Stable Diffusion model in generating images. By providing detailed and specific descriptions of scenes, objects, or artistic style...


TypeScript: Omit & Pick

Omit and Pick are two utility types in TypeScript. Omit is used to exclude properties from an object type, and Pick is used to select properties from an object type....


The Anatomy of a URL

The URL is a string that contains information about the location of a resource on the internet. It is a fundamental concept of the web. In this content, we will examine the anatomy...


Lighter or Darker Color with JavaScript

It's quite easy to make a color lighter or darker using JavaScript. The purpose of this interactive content is to see how this can be achieved and to explore some things we've...


SVG Sticky Shapes

How can we create SVGs with a sticky effect when they are brought close to each other? In this content, we will explain this in the simplest way possible. The purpose of this conte...


SVG Path Commands

M means Move, and indicates the point where we will start drawing. Currently, the Move value is set to 50, 50. The first number indicates the x-axis, and the second number indicate...


CSS Transform Guide Part 1

We use the transform feature mostly to create animations and sometimes to reposition certain elements. In this guide, we will examine three different methods of the transform prope...


Perfect Nested Rounded Corners

If you had to use border-radius for nested elements before, you might have realized something. To make it look aesthetic, the value of the border-radius for the two of them should ...


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